Outdoor Activities In Asheville & Waynesville, NC

The outdoors are indeed a special place in Buncombe County. The Pisgah national forest is one stop that you should not miss at all costs. You’ll find many species of fauna roaming the protected land; you might even spot a Hellbender, a large type of salamander found only in North America.

Aside from sightseeing, you can also enjoy many outdoor activities in Buncombe County. Hiking and backpacking are incredibly common, and it is also not unusual to see mountain bikers traversing the difficult terrain. You can also take part in horseback riding which is offered during all season except winter. The winter activities are quite different in fact, as skiing is possible on a few slopes in Buncombe County. Snow Tubing is also quite common during the winter months and attracts a lot of tourists from the south.

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